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* Thank you to our recent buyers who have confidence in our program!

Ron Shipman - Oklahoma
T & M Cattle Company - Texas
Ray Sample/Sample & Son - Oklahoma
James & Ina Walker - Oklahoma
Steve Hodges - Missouri
Russell Lewis - Oklahoma
Darold Schafer - Oklahoma
Donald Schafer - Texas
Rocking B Cattle Company - Oklahoma
Gardiner Livestock - Texas (repeat buyer)
Gilbert Butler - New York
Tim Schaufelberger - California
Robert & Beth Bousquet - Oklahoma
Ashley Angus Farms - Georgia (repeat buyer)
Mason Limousin - Oklahoma
Herbert Booher - Arkansas
Coon Cattle Company - Texas
Koss Land & Cattle, Inc. - Montana
Robert & Laura Nylander - California
Wes & Rachel Coffey - Oklahoma

The Ratliff 3R Bar Ranch is a 3rd generation family operated business and has been in existence since 1905. Over the past 100 years, this Oklahoma Centennial Ranch has grown from a small log cabin and only a few cows to a registered seed stock cattle operation generating sales from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Our focus and mission has always been the production of lean, healthy, all natural, organic, grass-fed beef.

We believe the secret to producing superior beef......is producing superior cattle! Limousin cattle and especially Fullblood Limousin cattle are uniquely qualified for meeting and exceeding the ever increasing demand for lean healthy beef*! Fullbloods are the elite heritage gourmet breed from France (100% Limousin) and carry the F94L gene which produces more muscle and less fat..........validating the title given by the beef industry as the "Carcass Breed"! In addition to these remarkable qualities, Fullblood Limousin cattle are also well know for these important money-making traits;

          •     calving ease  
          •     docility
          •     growthiness
          •     feed efficiency
          •     longevity

Recent MARC studies indicate Limousin cows lead all major breeds with the highest percentage of calf crop born and weaned. In addition, Fullblood females consistently produce 4 to 5 years longer than their typical commercial counterparts. If you want to maximize the benefits of "hybrid vigor" and add pounds to your calves, we recommend using Fullblood Limousin genetics. You'll definitely be impressed with the results!

Lifetime member of NALF (North American Limousin Foundation), founding member of FLA (Fullblood Limousin Alliance). Member of HOOLA (Heart of Oklahoma Limousin Association) and ECOLA (East Central Oklahoma Limousin Association). Supporter of Strauss' "Free Raised" Veal Program.

*For more information regarding lean healthy beef, please refer to our Healthy Beef page and/or the National Cattlemen's Beef Association link at the bottom.


Heart of Oklahoma Limousin Association

Fullblood Limousin Alliance

North American Limousin Foundation

Strauss Brands - Meadow Reserve Veal (exclusively from Limousin)

Strauss Veal (buyer of Limousin cross calves)

National Cattlemen's Beef Association

Laura's Lean Beef

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